Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you ever feel guilty about buying craft supplies?

Okay, I’m feeling pretty bad about myself right now. I just spent a lot of money on craft supplies, and as always, I feel guilty. I feel like when it comes to craft supplies I can be out of control! I know from catching snippets of Sex and The City (and other such shows I disdain) that many women seem to feel stressed about their spending habits, but usually their weaknesses are clothes and shoes. Mine have to do with craft supplies, which are so expensive that nobody can actually sell their crafts for a reasonable price and expect to make a profit.

So, what I want to know is: How do you feel about buying craft supplies, and the prices of craft supplies for that matter? Do you ever feel guilty about buying craft supplies, and if not, is there something you do feel guilty for buying? If so, why? Feel free to answer my poll or leave me a comment discussing the topic further.

Personally, I think I overspend on craft supplies because I don’t have anything else in my life right now, and the craft supplies represent and give me the potential for something pleasurable with which to occupy my time. Maybe knowing I have several options allowing me to be productive if I so choose is important to me because I feel guilty about not working or going to school. Or perhaps, because creativity is a form of therapy, I’m buying supplies to process what I’m going through, express myself and communicate to others ... perhaps like a caged bird singing ... And maybe the notion of taking something useless and manipulating it in an unusual way to make it into something better is particularly important to me right now because that is what I have to do with my body.
Since this could be the case, I’m not going to feel guilty about it anymore tonight. I’m just going to try not to do it anymore in the future. Maybe the important lesson to learn in making crafts is not to buy but to recycle using what one already has.

SIDE NOTE I just tried to discuss this theory about my spending habits with my mother – I mentioned feeling guilty about no longer going to school or work and she irritatingly suggested “helping” her more around the house. Typical of my mother to take something important and sensitive to me and turn it around to make it about something else of interest to her! You'd think I wouldn't have to explain how my lack of energy limits what I can do. As much as I love my mother she has seriously lost her touch as a mother. She once told me as a child that whenever I had a problem I could go to her and discuss it, but since she didn’t mention this right becomes null and void if she has a problem herself. I think I should sue her for false advertising.


  1. Oh yes, I've had that guilt complex! I remember a couple of trips to the US to visit friends and coming home with suitcases full of scrapbooking supplies. Supplies I have no hope of ever getting through! The bears that I'm making and selling now each go out with their own scrapbook 'birth certificate' but it's not using the supplies up that fast lol. Still at least I've recognised my addiction, and buying mohair/faux fur for the business isn't feeding it further, right?!

    Hugs to you over your mum. I love my mum dearly, but she doesn't do 'ill' or 'maternal'...

  2. Well now I feel guilty all over again.
    Over-spending on crafts, Definitely Yes! Money talks, but all mine ever says is good-bye. I'm a much better spender than saver. Ugh. Okay, I promise not to set one foot inside a craft store this week.

    So glad you signed up for the Second Star Adventure.