Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Practical Magic Blog Party - September 25th - Hoseted by La Boheme Magique and Frosted Petunias

Right when I finish one blog party post and promise myself that I will not be participating in another blog party I discover another one that I would hate myself for missing!

To visit the Practical Magic Blog Party page, see the list of rules, and sign up, click the button on my side bar, or copy and paste the following address into your address bar:


Though not a huge fan of the movie itself – I apologise, for I am a self-proclaimed detester of most chick-flicks – I would certainly consider reading the book.
And though I am not huge fan of the movie, I am still a sucker for all things magical, witch-related, supernatural, etc ...

I have also always had very wiccan/pagan leanings ever since I was a child attending a Catholic grade school! Perhaps my blog post can center around this experience, for I can certainly relate to the main characters of the film being thought strange for their beliefs and practices!

If you are attending this Blog Party and are willing to share your ideas I would love to hear them - not to steal them of course, just for some extra inspiration.

Until September 25th, I plan on posting another installment of Spectacular Socks, as well as an article about one of my favourite TV shows, The Big Bang Theory. I hope they will both be fun, informative, and enjoyable and, as always, I welcome comments and constructive criticism - or any acknowledgment so that I know I am not wasting my time.

Random Thought: Blogging with so few followers is like writing letters, putting them in bottles, and casting them out to sea hoping they will be found.


  1. Maybe more people will come out to play with you after the next party :o)

  2. On the random thought... I know, right. But today I found a bottle, opened it and inside I found you! Totally hear you about the catholic school. You can't help but hear whispers of the previous religions absorbed by the Catholic Church. Would love to read your musings on the subject. Happy Practical Magic blog party (late)!