Friday, July 30, 2010

Altered Art Blog Party

First of all, before I show you my altered art creation, I would like to note that I was a little bit unsure as to what was considered “altered art.” Not wanting to disappoint, I googled the term and came across a website called Altered Art which you can reach from the following link:
I searched the site to find the definition of “altered art” and found that, while the term can refer to “altering or combining existing works of art to produce new pieces of artwork” it can also refer to “the transformation or 'alteration' of ordinary, everyday objects into decorative pieces using a wide variety of different techniques and materials, for example, rubber stamps, fabric, paper, paint and fibres.”

This is how I chose to interpret the term altered art“the transformation or alteration of ordinary, everyday objects into decorative pieces.” That said, I chose to display altered organization items that I use for organizing my craft supplies:

Funky Four Shelf Organizer Cube


. Craft Storage Collection 4 Shelf Organizer Cube from Michaels

. Crafts Decorative Paper                                . Plaid Mod Podge from Wal
Flowers (250 pieces) from                                  Mart



. a paintbrush
. napkins, paper towels, or toilet paper for blotting Podge from paintbrush
. small container in which to pour small amounts of Podge (if desired)
. container with water to rinse paintbrush (if desired) or hard surface for resting paintbrush after it is dipped in the Podge

NOTE - read any warnings on the Podge label and avoid inhaling fumes; use in a well ventilated room and, if desired, use a painting mask while using Podge


1. – assemble 4 Shelf Organizer Cube
2. – open package of Decorative Paper Flowers and sort the colours and sizes of the flowers
3. – open Podge and, if desired, pour small amounts in a small container
4. – choose a flower of the desired colour and size and use the paintbrush to apply a layer of Podge to the back
5. – press and smooth the back of the paper flower down onto a desired area on the outside surface of the side or top of the Cube
6. – use the paintbrush to apply a layer of Podge to the top of the paper flower, dragging the brush over the edge of the flower onto the surface of the Cube around it, so that the layer of Podge may form and harden over the flower and the surface of the Cube together

NOTE - it is not necessary to cover the entire Cube with Podge after the flowers are glued, but only the surface surrounding the paper flowers
7. – repeat steps 5 and 6 spacing flowers and using a variety of colours and sizes on top, sides, and the back if desired
8. – let the surfaces dry before using the Cube
9. – wash the paintbrush of any remaining Podge, pour remaining Podge back into the container to be saved and replace cap.


10. a) – overlap a smaller flower of a different colour or shade onto a larger flower
b) – position top flower in the centre of the bottom flower or off centre to the side
c) - position top flower petals aligned with bottom flower petals or alternating in direction
d) – overlap 2, 3, or 4 paper flowers of different sizes ... experiment and have fun!
The following pictures are of my finished product:




Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Altered Art Party Hosted By The French Cupboard

I just found out about a blog party coming up this Friday, July 30th, hosted by The French Cupboard. Normally joining a blog party this late would be too short notice for me but I think I have a few pieces that can be considered altered art, so I've decided to join in! I can't wait to see what other blog-partiers have come up with, and as always I welcome any comments and constructive criticism on my pieces.
To reach the blog party website, click on the button in the right hand column, or copy and paste the following into your address bar:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Spectacular SOCKS!

Today I have an important announcement about my blog:

Since my blog is called The Lonely Sock, and because of my extreme and intense love of unique socks, The Lonely Sock will now include a feature called Spectacular SOCKS.

Spectacular SOCKS! will be a regular segment in which I will display and discuss socks I looooove that I feel MUST be shared with others. This will include any of the following:

. socks that I own
. socks available for purchase online
. sock puppets
. sock stuffed animals
. sock pictures or cartoons
. sock artwork of ANY KIND that should be brought to everyone’s attention!

For example, if you take a look at the following socks, I think you’ll agree that the entire world should be aware of them!

(I had to include the above socks, as I am totally in love with giraffes, llamas, and alpacas. Their long eyelashes make them look so sweet and innocent but their long necks and TONGUES tell you they have some tricks up their sleaves!)

These socks come from which I think is definitely worth checking out.

While these socks are more expensive than the average pair, the website offers a variety of topics or themes of novelty socks such as “Occupation Socks” which means you can order special socks for the special dentist, bus driver, or massage therapist in your life! Personally, this is a something about the website I love. I would prefer a wider variety of occupations to choose from, but I think the occupations available are still pretty impressive!

Other factors I like about this website are:

. its socks are available for Women, Men and Children
. though located in the U.S. it takes international orders
. orders will be refunded in full if returned within 30 days if a customer is not satisfied

So, for now on I am continuing to use my blog to display any of my arts and crafts, promote my magazine – if I can ever get it made – and, of course, to discuss my goals and experiences with Fibromyalgia, but it will now also include regular segments of Spectacular SOCKS! I would love to hear what you think of this new feature and welcome any comments on the individual posts themselves. I also welcome any information on great places to buy socks, pictures of crafts made from socks for future inspiration, or any pictures of fantastic socks you would like to share with me!

COMING SOON on Spectacular SOCKS! I will feature a sock-puppet creation of my own who will be used as the mascot/avatar for The Lonely Sock.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you ever feel guilty about buying craft supplies?

Okay, I’m feeling pretty bad about myself right now. I just spent a lot of money on craft supplies, and as always, I feel guilty. I feel like when it comes to craft supplies I can be out of control! I know from catching snippets of Sex and The City (and other such shows I disdain) that many women seem to feel stressed about their spending habits, but usually their weaknesses are clothes and shoes. Mine have to do with craft supplies, which are so expensive that nobody can actually sell their crafts for a reasonable price and expect to make a profit.

So, what I want to know is: How do you feel about buying craft supplies, and the prices of craft supplies for that matter? Do you ever feel guilty about buying craft supplies, and if not, is there something you do feel guilty for buying? If so, why? Feel free to answer my poll or leave me a comment discussing the topic further.

Personally, I think I overspend on craft supplies because I don’t have anything else in my life right now, and the craft supplies represent and give me the potential for something pleasurable with which to occupy my time. Maybe knowing I have several options allowing me to be productive if I so choose is important to me because I feel guilty about not working or going to school. Or perhaps, because creativity is a form of therapy, I’m buying supplies to process what I’m going through, express myself and communicate to others ... perhaps like a caged bird singing ... And maybe the notion of taking something useless and manipulating it in an unusual way to make it into something better is particularly important to me right now because that is what I have to do with my body.
Since this could be the case, I’m not going to feel guilty about it anymore tonight. I’m just going to try not to do it anymore in the future. Maybe the important lesson to learn in making crafts is not to buy but to recycle using what one already has.

SIDE NOTE I just tried to discuss this theory about my spending habits with my mother – I mentioned feeling guilty about no longer going to school or work and she irritatingly suggested “helping” her more around the house. Typical of my mother to take something important and sensitive to me and turn it around to make it about something else of interest to her! You'd think I wouldn't have to explain how my lack of energy limits what I can do. As much as I love my mother she has seriously lost her touch as a mother. She once told me as a child that whenever I had a problem I could go to her and discuss it, but since she didn’t mention this right becomes null and void if she has a problem herself. I think I should sue her for false advertising.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Secret Dreams

Well, this blog party is about secret dream and, having a sky-scraper-sized library full of secret dreams stored in my head – a collection that started early in childhood – I was at a loss for what specifically to write about. After all, I could discuss my fantasies of saving the world from inequality and Conservative-ism, or I could discuss something completely different like exposing my sister Claudia for being the evil monster that she is and watching as she is arrested and carried off to prison by torch-wielding villagers.

NOTE TO SELF: Find out which village handles conflicts in this manner.

But the rules of this blog party called for following our muses and making our dreams happen, and this is why I have decided to discuss the dreams I have taken steps to bringing to reality, and perhaps sharing the small achievements I have made here with other partiers today. I would like to start with discussing my health.


My birthday was on July 15th – just two days ago. I didn’t think about it then, but I realize that it might be very significant that this blog party is occurring so close to the start of a new year in my life. A blog party revolving around making dreams come true has occurred at a time that I have renewed my goals to improve my health ... good health and independence would be a dream-come-true. For me this birthday isn’t just a celebration of another year gone by. It is a reminder to me of the passage of time and the lack of accomplishments and experiences I have had during that time. This birthday represents having been alive for a quarter of a century, and has occurred at a time in my life that I increasingly feel life passing me by, a time that I feel I am not working hard enough to improve my health, and a time I feel ever more desperate for health and independence in order to experience more of the world and make more of my dreams come true.

I have made a new promise to myself: The next 25 years of my life will be better than the last 25 years, and as bad as I thought some of the experiences of the first 25 were, that is how good the experiences will be in the next 25.

Today, I have done something to improve my health. The treatment for Fibromyalgia is aerobic exercise: I went on a walk. Not a long walk, of course, but my first walk in a very long time. If possible, I will do my back exercises later as well.

SIDE NOTE: My sister Claudia called on her birthday last week. She started discussing the health problems my brother and I have and got into a fight with my mother because she doesn’t like how Mom is “handling our care.” When asked what Claudia would do differently, she had absolutely no clue. Thanks for the advice Claudia. Could it be that it just annoys you that we’re all too incapacitated to take a plane ride down to where you live and stay with you for a few weeks to appease your loneliness? Being fatigued and in pain, my mother could not bear to discuss the matter with her.


. I plan to learn martial arts and become skilled in the use of martial arts weapons.
. I plan to learn archery.
. I plan to learn how to kayak and to do so frequently.
. I plan to learn wood-working so that I can make my own furniture.
. I plan to design and sew my own clothing which will have its own unique and original style.
. I plan to publish a novel, if not a series of novels.
. I plan to publish a comic book.
. I plan to publish my own zine.
. I plan to develop my own cook book, which does not necessarily have to be published, but I would still like it bound professionally.
. I plan to start a business selling gifts and gift baskets meant to comfort, amuse, and entertain people who are sick, hospitalized, or undergoing surgery. Most gifts would be humour-based.
. I plan to learn to drive.
. I plan to be able to donate blood again.
. I plan to be able to bike-ride again.
. I plan to either become a vegetarian or eat a healthy diet according to Canada’s Food Guide, and only eat products including meat.
. I plan to go to England and see the Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens, as well as anything associated with J.K. Rowling, Charles Dickens, Lewis Carroll and probably Shakespeare.
. I plan to visit Scotland and go to Loch Nesse and, if possible, catch a glimpse of Nessie.
. I plan to have my own house and be able to take care of it.
. I plan to have my Fibromyalgia and other health problems go into complete remission.
. I plan to show my sister what a weak little bitch she is compared to me.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Midsummer Night's Secret Dream Party - Hosted by A Stuffed Life

I am officially participating in another blog party, A Midsummer Night's Secret Dream Party! I had lots of fun creating my blog post for the last one, Mad Tea Party 2010 hosted by A Fanciful Twist, but I'm afraid I didn't get to enjoy blog hopping on the day of the actual event. You see, due to my White Rabbit-like procrastination I ended up spending the day of the event trying to finish my Wonderland themed entry so that I could publish it before the end of the day. Though I am somewhat satisfied with it, I wish I was a little more content with the quality of the writing, and I wish I had more Wonderland crafts completed so that I could actually have posted more photos of my work.

Still, it was a learning experience, and I think perhaps it has better prepared me for this next blog party hosted by A Stuffed Life on July 17th. I now know to manage my time better in making the crafts, taking the photos, writing about the photos, and writing the blog entry itself, and am hoping that my entry the day of the party will be of a higher quality.

I particularly wanted to be part of this blog party because I like that the theme is so open-ended, but also because the title of the party can be inspirational and interpreted differently depending on the artists and bloggers.

Anyways, that said, I think this might be a good time to sort my craft supplies and consider what I might want to start (or finish) next.