Friday, July 23, 2010

Spectacular SOCKS!

Today I have an important announcement about my blog:

Since my blog is called The Lonely Sock, and because of my extreme and intense love of unique socks, The Lonely Sock will now include a feature called Spectacular SOCKS.

Spectacular SOCKS! will be a regular segment in which I will display and discuss socks I looooove that I feel MUST be shared with others. This will include any of the following:

. socks that I own
. socks available for purchase online
. sock puppets
. sock stuffed animals
. sock pictures or cartoons
. sock artwork of ANY KIND that should be brought to everyone’s attention!

For example, if you take a look at the following socks, I think you’ll agree that the entire world should be aware of them!

(I had to include the above socks, as I am totally in love with giraffes, llamas, and alpacas. Their long eyelashes make them look so sweet and innocent but their long necks and TONGUES tell you they have some tricks up their sleaves!)

These socks come from which I think is definitely worth checking out.

While these socks are more expensive than the average pair, the website offers a variety of topics or themes of novelty socks such as “Occupation Socks” which means you can order special socks for the special dentist, bus driver, or massage therapist in your life! Personally, this is a something about the website I love. I would prefer a wider variety of occupations to choose from, but I think the occupations available are still pretty impressive!

Other factors I like about this website are:

. its socks are available for Women, Men and Children
. though located in the U.S. it takes international orders
. orders will be refunded in full if returned within 30 days if a customer is not satisfied

So, for now on I am continuing to use my blog to display any of my arts and crafts, promote my magazine – if I can ever get it made – and, of course, to discuss my goals and experiences with Fibromyalgia, but it will now also include regular segments of Spectacular SOCKS! I would love to hear what you think of this new feature and welcome any comments on the individual posts themselves. I also welcome any information on great places to buy socks, pictures of crafts made from socks for future inspiration, or any pictures of fantastic socks you would like to share with me!

COMING SOON on Spectacular SOCKS! I will feature a sock-puppet creation of my own who will be used as the mascot/avatar for The Lonely Sock.

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