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Spectacular SOCKS ... The Christmas Edition!

Welcome to the belated Christmas edition of Spectacular SOCKS! Since Christmas is still very fresh in our minds, I thought it would be appropriate to devote this segment of Spectacular SOCKS to the Christmas Stocking. I’ve searched the web this holiday season for some beautiful – and some rather unusual – Christmas Stockings to display, and so below you will find what I thought were some truly Spectacular Christmas Stockings!

1. Home-Made Craft Christmas Stockings

Crazy Flannel Christmas Stocking

This was created by Aubrey Schwartz, founder of Mauby’s (My Life. My Passion. One Design At A Time).

Posted on Wednesday, December 8, this stocking is made with beautiful earth tones that remind me a lot of autumn and the harvest. The fringed, earth-toned patches of fabric give this stocking a rustic feeling, which is perhaps part of the reason I like it. It reminds me a lot of nature and the outdoors. The patches also give the impression that it was made from fabric scraps, but it would probably be very complicated to find various fabric scraps that complement each other so well. To me the fabric-scrap appearance reminds me a bit of a collage – a fabric one instead of a paper one!

See more pictures of this great stocking, along with instructions on how to make it yourself at Mauby’s website:

2. Christmas Stockings for Movie Fans

Anyone remember this eye-sore from the 1983 film A Christmas Story ...

... well, fans of this nostalgic Christmas classic will be pleased to know that they can purchase a Leg Lamp Stocking for their very own from A Christmas Story House Gift Shop! If you ask me, displaying this stocking would be far classier than actually having the real leg lamp, which you can purchase from this website as well if you are bold enough. But wait – that’s not all! You can also purchase leg lamp key-chain ornaments, leg lamp neckties, leg lamp pyjamas, a leg lamp snow-globe, a leg lamp string of lights, and (I think this is my favourite) a leg lamp cookie cutter! You can buy these all and probably much more from:

Check it out ... I double-dog dare you!

3. The Curly-Toe Stocking

One style I like a lot for decorative use is the “curly-toe” stocking. I like this a lot because it reminds me a little bit of the kind of shoes sported by Christmas elves in most Christmas movies – think Will Ferrell in the 2003 film Elf. They also remind me a little bit of clowns or court jesters. Here is a great example:

Red and Green Satin Velvet Personalized Christmas Stockings from Caribbean Charms.

Both red and green are great Christmas colours, and they look great together. The swirl-pattern of the fabric makes these stockings look very elegant, and the hanging tassels add a nice touch. The pompoms on the toes add to the elf- or clown-like fashion of the stockings in addition to the “curly-toe” style itself.

The following are not actual stockings, but stocking ornaments, yet they are another example of the “curly-toe” style that I think demonstrates the elf-like quality of this style.
You can find this RAZ Whimsical Curly Toe Stocking Ornament Set of 4 at Trendy Tree

4. The Whimsical Christmas Stocking

I love a lot of the more elegant yet whimsical stockings that I've seen in stores and online. As discussed above, many have curled toes that allude to Christmas elves, clowns, or court jesters. Here are some examples from Essentially Some, like the Luxurious Christmas Stocking on the left, are designed to appear as though they could fit an actual person. Perhaps this is because it is meant to recall a different era in history, as the website states that it "wouldn't have looked out of place at the court of King Charles I." It's colours, design, and elegant detail remind me of royalty, and thus of fairy tales as well.

The stocking on the right is entitled Crazy Christmas Stocking "Masquerade", and I think the name is definitely appropriate. The colours vibrant and rich, but unlike the stocking on the left, this certainly does not look like it could fit a human being! To be honest, I think that it's unwearable shape is what I like about it ... it calls to mind some oddly-shaped character out of a fairy tale that isn't quite human, and therefore must be magic! The "Masquerade" in the title also calls to mind the masquerade scene in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera, and all the beautiful costumes worn by the characters.

The elegant whimsical stockings like those at Essentially may be more expensive than traditional children's stockings and would best be suited to decorative use than for stuffing on Christmas Eve. View more stockings from this website at the following link:

5. High Heeled Boot Stockings for Shoe-Lovers

One stocking style I’ve noticed out in the stores the last few years is the high heeled boot-style stocking. Unlike the traditional stocking-like stockings that really just resemble large socks, this is meant to resemble a large feminine, high heeled boot! I’m guessing these are meant to appeal to the real shoe-enthusiasts who love shoe-shopping and own several pairs of shoes in different styles ... basically the characters on Sex and the City.

The Personalised Ornate Shoe Christmas Stocking from
A Special

Though I am not a shoe-enthusiast myself – let’s face it, socks are cheaper, comfier, and take up less room – I still love this stocking. The green at the heel and toe actually appear to be the same shape as a high heel shoe and the matching bow at the back is a great touch. The hanging tassels remind me a little bit of a fringe that might hang down from the hem of a dress, but it could also look like a fancy garter belt!

6. The Gothic Stocking

On one website called Earth Daughter Arts, I came across two beautiful gothic stockings! These stockings are available for purchase at the website's online store. To the left we have Victorian Goth-Steampunk - an elegant silver stocking that combines the styles of the a "high heeled boot" and the "curly-toe." The black pattern is certainly reminiscent of Victorian fashion while the fringe at the top again calls to mind the hem of a dress. The red stocking to the right is entitled Pirate Bay - appropriately named for the skull and cross-bones pattern. The shiny red and black fabric make this a rather dark and sexy Christmas stocking, as does the lacy, garter belt-like fringe at the top! I also think the diagonal black stripes give this stocking a dark and mysterious style!

7. The Sock Monkey Stocking

Spectacular SOCKS segments are all about celebrating socks and all things made from socks. Yes, Christmas Stockings are essentially socks, but so is the iconic sock monkey, so what could be more sock-related than a Sock Monkey Christmas Stocking? Probably nothing!

Every time I've gone shopping lately, I've seen tons of things related to the sock monkey - not just actual sock monkeys, but sock monkey T-shirts and even a sock monkey 2011 calendar! If sock monkeys are supposedly IN right now, I couldn't very well ignore them in a sock-related blog article, now could I? So I searched the web and found this cute Sock Monkey In A Stocking Christmas Ornament. While this piece is not a stocking itself, I can assure you that there are sock monkey-related Christmas stockings available. I chose to include this piece not only because it is 2X sock-related, but because of its design and colours. I love the red polka-dots against the Grinch-like green background, and how the red of the stocking matches the red of the monkey's lips and hat. I also love the red patches on the heel and toe of the stocking - this makes it look very sock-like and sort of reminds you that the stuffed animal inside is indeed made from a sock itself ... very clever! I found this particular ornament on, but it may be available elsewhere as well:

8. Funny, Sarcastic Christmas Stockings ...

and some that raise pride and awareness ...?

Though I'm more in favour of old-fashioned, home-made Christmas stockings for actual use on Christmas morning and perhaps the more elegant stockings that can be nice on display in the home, I still admire the humourous and sarcastic Christmas stockings like those from Cafe Press. This website has a VERY WIDE selection of humourous Christmas stockings that can appeal to a wide variety of people. For example, the caption on one stocking reads, "I Have AUTISM And I Think You're Weird Too." I find it very interesting how there are several Christmas stockings on this website that are designed to raise awareness of and express pride in different health conditions such as Autism. For example, one stocking has a caption that reads, "Autism Is Not A tragedy. Ignorance Is A Tragedy." They even have some that have to do with my personal favourite health problem - Fibromyalgia!

Of course this website also has other humourous stockings, some that even poke fun at Christmas celebrations! The stocking to the right, for example, displays zombie snowmen hungry for human brains! Another stocking on this website had the caption, "Santa Claus has the right idea - visit people only once a year." I think these are great for people who are a little fed up with Christmas, especially the commercialized, profit-driven aspect of it all.

Check out the wide variety of funny, sarcastic, and even awareness-raising Christmas Stockings at Cafe Press:

9. Stockings from Magical Lands !

Literature buffs like myself would probably appreciate the following stockings, especially lovers of children's literature. These Christmas Stockings are much more expensive than many that I have shown so far, and thus would be better suited to decorative use than for stuffing with small gifts.

Katherine's Collection Christmas Stocking

Madhatter Stilt Leg from

I love that this stocking is named after the Mad Hatter from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. Depictions of Wonderland usually involve wild colours and outrageous costume designs, and the colours and design of this stocking definitely reflect the wonderful madness of Wonderland! This beautiful, colourful stocking also reminds me of circusses and clowns, perhaps because of the vibrant colours, and the heel and toe being large in comparison to the ankle.

Also from we have Katherines' Collection Las Vegas Harlequin Christmas Stocking. Though geered towards "card sharks" or Vegas lovers, I am including this stocking as a Magical Land stocking because this too reminds me of Wonderland. Anyone familiar with Carroll's Alice stories knows that Wonderland is ruled by the Queen of Hearts and that other playing-card characters live in Wonderland, their suit denoting their profession. When I saw this stocking, I imediately thought of the Wonderland characters in their playing-card attire, and though I realize it is geered towards card-lovers, I think devote Alice fans will likely be drawn to this stocking as well!

Wizard of Oz 20'' Legs and Sequinned Ruby Slippers Christmas Stocking by Kurt Adler.
Wizard of Oz lovers will certainly recognize these wicked feet! Oz-lovers could hang this stocking as a symbol of their love for the movie, or perhaps as a souvenir commemorating the time they crashed in Oz and accidently landed on the Wicked Witch of the East! Not only do you have the Ruby Slippers to prove it, but you have the stockings from the witch you defeated!

Okay, maybe that's a morbid interpretation of this stocking. How ever you look at this stocking, it's available at at the following link.

10. The Professional/Hobby Stocking

Some stockings I've come across appeal to people in specific professions, feilds, or hobbies. This handcrafted Ballet Slipper, for example, is available at Boot and Crown. Again, this stocking is more expensive and perhaps better suited to decorative use. I particularly like the idea of a ballet slipper as a Christmas Stocking because it reminds me of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, a ballet about a young girl's adventure on Christmas Eve. Perhaps non-dancers who simply love the Nutcracker and its soundtrack would display this stocking along with an assortment of wooden nutcrackers as an homage to this classic Christmas story.

11. The Ice Skate Stocking

Last but not least I am including another stocking you may have seen in stores this holiday season. I think The Ice Skate Stocking is popular because ice-skating is a winter sport that only takes place this time of year. For example may recall the openning of A Charlie Brown Christmas, in which the Peanuts Gang are ice-skating on a frozen pond! And, I don't know about you, but I always assumed that Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and all of the elves at the North Pole were quite capable of ice-skating as easily as they could walk! It certainly makes sense given their icy climate. Instructions on how to make this particular Ice Skate Stocking are posted on Disney's Family Fun website, along with all the materials necessary.

Well, that's the end of my review of Spectacular Christmas Stockings. I hope it was enjoyable, even though this is a rather belated posting.

If you have any photos of Christmas Stockings that you would like to share with me - and of course photos of Christmas-related socks - please leave a comment and a link! I would also love to read what you think of these Christmas finds, and whether or not you think there are any other types of Christmas Stockings I have neglected to include.

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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