Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Witches Tea Party Under The Halloween Moon: Wrapping Halloween Presents

For part 4 of my Halloween-themed blog posts I would like to begin posting my contributions to “A Witches Tea Party Under The Halloween Moon.”  For my first contribution, I am posting unique Halloween gift-wrapping ideas.

Halloween Gifts

As far as I am aware, most people do not give gifts at Halloween other than candy, but for guests at Halloween parties, this could be a great way to give party-favours. After all, a wrapped present has an air of mystery – the concealing wrapping paper causes suspense in the recipient, and Halloween is all about mystery and suspense!

For my gift-wrap projects I used Halloween tissue paper, but you can also use Halloween Scrapbooking paper or experiment with cardstock and construction paper. For my first present I used orange tissue paper, and once wrapped I decorated it using a rubber pumpkin stamp.  To compliment the black ink I topped the gift with a black bow.

For my next gifts I used Halloween Muffin Papers to create elaborate bows. 

For the first bow I made several slits along the creases of the muffin papers with concentric circles. I taped one of these to the centre of the wrapped gift and topped it with some stacked muffin papers. Some of them I attached right side up and some upside down. 

In the centre I attached one of the slitted muffin papers that I had curled with scissors.This effect can be achieved using the same technique with scissors for curling ribbon.  You can experiment by using all curled muffin papers, fold the slits in zig-zags instead of curling them, of using a combination of curled and zig-zagged muffin papers.

For my last gift, I wrapped the box using plain white tissue paper, and cut the centres out of several of the skull muffin papers.

I attached the circles of skulls throughout the wrapped box, and used the remaining creased rings to make an elaborate bow.


Some I cut and curled with scissors – again, similar to curling ribbon – while I taped the ends of the others together.  After creating a long, curving spiral of the creased paper, I rolled them up into a coil, keeping the centre higher in a similar manner to a flower. 

You can experiment by using images from Halloween stationary or scrapbooking paper, or even stickers.  You can also use black, white, or orage streamers to make the bows, or use a combination of coloured streamers.


  1. Salutations, your Gift Wrapping ideas are great. Thank you for sharing them.

    This is my favorite time of year when magic is in the air & beautiful black cats are every where. Please fly by my Halloween Party when you can...

    Hauntingly Yours,
    Lyndy & All My Black Cat Familiars

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  2. What fun Halloween wrapping ideas!

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh ho ho what awesome bows! I will use your muffin bows for yule wrappings. What a clever little trick! Visiting from Anna's Witchy Tea Party, I'll manage a visit to every blog eventually! Warmth and light during the dark months ~EMD