Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween 2010 Blog Party Part 2: Halloween Crafts!

For Part 2 of my Halloween 2010 Blog Party posts, I would like to show some simple crafts with a brief summary of how I created them.

A Rocking Witch!

For this doll, I used a plain cloth doll that I had already purchased. For everything else, I used scraps!

. To create the stockings, I used an old pair of socks that I was no longer wearing. I cut them so that they could fit around the doll’s legs, glued one end of the sliced sock to the doll leg with a glue gun, wrapped the rest of the fabric around the leg to meet the other glued-down end, and then glued again on top. This is probably my favourite part of the doll! I think the stockings make her look very stylish and funky!

. For the black dress I used small pieces of left over black fabric. I positioned some around the doll and experimented until it resembled a dress. Oddly, the scrappiness and lack of sewing or cutting actually creates the appearance a realistic dress!

. To make the hair, I used black and gold yarn. I cut several strands all the same length allowing them to be long enough to hang down the back of the doll, while also allowing them to be long enough to come down slightly over the face to appear as bangs. I adjusted the yarn till I was satisfied with the appearance and glued down on the top of the head. I love the effect that the gold strands have against the black yarn of the hair!

. For the hat I again used scraps of black fabric, but I also used silver and green pipe-cleaners to line the rim and cone part of the hat. The pipe-cleaners hold the hat in the desired shape and also allow the hat to be adjusted in any shape desired.

. The scarf is simply a long rectangle of orange fabric that was leftover from another sewing project. A small clothespin holds the scarf and dress fabric in place at the back of the doll’s neck.

. Her smile is a simple, small line of black fabric paint. The other facial features are made of glued on fabric, with black fabric paint for the pupils.

. Other than that, I used pieces of metallic confetti to decorate the hat and dress. This, combined with the metallic gold of the yarn and the metallic pipe-cleaners on the hat allow for a shininess that one can only assume comes from magic! Or a rock star ... you decide ...

Frightful Bookmarks!

... For Frighteningly Good Books!

These bookmarks were very simple to make.

. They were created out of sheets of cardstock, which were previously purchased in a package of sheets of various colours. I then chose the colours of paper that could be best associated with Halloween. More on Halloween Colours in my next entry!

. I cut the paper long-ways into inch-thick strips that I then folded in half to create an appropriately sized, sturdy bookmark.

. I then chose Scrapbooking Embellishments that were purchased from Dollarama, and decided which looked best on the different colours of paper. After this, I just glued away!

. Last but not least, I cut small slits to make a small triangle near the top so that a ribbon could fit through and tied it in a knot. I chose ribbons that complimented the Scrapbooking Embellishments, mostly Black and White.

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