Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Week In Review

Dear Potential Lonely Sock Fans,

The last week hasn’t been too bad. Pain-wise, it has been pretty bad though. But energy-wise, I did pretty well. I cheated, of course, and used Hydroxycut for most of my energy, but it’s better than spending 24 hours a day in bed. It keeps me awake during most of the day and can give me a boost of energy when I need to get ready to go out, so critics of my methods can kiss my ass.

So, to recap, this has been my week:

On Monday May 3 I went to the mall and was on my feet for 2 hours, so I got some exercise that day. I also picked up the book Alice In Wonderland and Philosophy: Curioser and Curioser, as well as the magazines The Fortean Times and Atlantis Rising. At a dollar store I picked up 3 wooden mortar and pestles, 3 teacups and saucers that will be “mad” tea cups when I’m done with them, and 4 vinegar jars that will be used for potion bottles and “drink me” bottles for my Alice In Wonderland crafts. Unfortunately, that day I had some A&W and a coke – I can’t help it when I’m at the mall.
On Tuesday I continued my unhealthy diet by eating Burger King and drinking 2 cokes.
On Wednesday I went to Wal Mart and walked for about 40 minutes, so I got some more exercise that day. I also bought some craft supplies – what else is new right? – and I purchased an extremely heavy 9-cube organizer that turned out to be too big for its planned location. If I return it I know it will be a hassle, but if I keep it, will it just add to the clutter?
On Thursday I tried to clean my room for about 40 minutes to an hour, which I consider to be exercise – you would too if you saw how cluttered my room is.
Again, on Friday I cleaned for about 40 minutes and enlisted my dad’s help in moving the armoire out of the living room into my bedroom, only to find out that the armoire is about 2-3 inches too wide and that my dad is a stubborn pain-in-the-ass who thinks he knows everything.
On Saturday Dad reluctantly took me to a grocery store, because if I don’t buy some food for myself he certainly won’t. I got to walk around for what I will count as 10 minutes of aerobic exercise. That night I sat down to watch Avatar with my mom and brother, but unfortunately I was far too tired to get through the first half hour. I will try to watch it tomorrow though.
Sunday was probably the highlight of my week. I went with my Mom and Dad to Colasanti’s. I love going there! I love looking around, playing a couple of arcade games, and spending time feeding animals in the petting zoo. I usually play Ski Ball and I give whatever tickets I win to a little kid as the prizes aren’t particularly appealing to an adult, and could probably be purchased for less than a dollar if truly desired. Still, kids would find it rewarding to win a prize, so sometimes I find a small kid with only few tickets, sometimes none, and this time a chose to give my tickets to a little girl who offered to hand me the balls like an assistant while I played. Later I got to feed a pig who seemed pleased to have her back scratched, and I got to speak to a white cockatiel who always seems to flirt with me every time I go there. I walked around a lot that day too, and had extreme pain in my legs that night.

Yesterday I did very little, except win a Chess game against my computer, but today I painted again. Though I wasn’t in too much pain, for some reason I had a lot of trouble tolerating it. I’m starting to realize that painting and doing my crafts is actually causing pain, probably because of all the bending over, which I think led to my 4-day long headache last week. I think I’ll have to take it easy tomorrow. Still, I’m happy with how 2 items are turning out. I am almost done painting a sign which reads, “The Mad Tea Room” and am almost done painting a box that will read “Eat Me.” I am still in the process of painting a small book that will be entitled “Jabberwocky” and a box that will be labelled “Tea” or “Mad Tea” that will be painted the same colours the Hatter is wearing in the John Tenniel illustrations of Alice In Wonderland. I’ll try to have pictures of my work up soon.
Even though I had a satisfying day today, I have to admit that doing crafts keeps me up WAY too late at night even if I do start early in the day. And I get WAY too tired to clean up the kitchen table at 3:30 in the morning.

Tomorrow I will try to take a shower, watch Avatar, and have a relaxing day. On Thursday I have an acupuncture appointment, which I am hoping will help me tremendously with my pain. For the next month or so, I am going to have weekly acupuncture appointments, and I will keep you posted about whether or not they improve my condition.

Now to clean up the damn painting supplies ...

Random Thought: I just noticed that the word PAINT has the word PAIN in it ... coincidence?

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