Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some Progress

Okay, I haven’t written in a while, but I have some good news about my progress. I have managed to eat much more nutritiously for about 4 days in a row now, and have cut down on Coke significantly again. I want to try cooking a few vegetarian recipes, because I heard that eating meat actually makes any medication one takes less effective than if one did not eat meat (or if one simply ate organic meat).
I also got some more exercise recently. I walked for about 1 hour at Wal Mart on Tuesday, about 15-20 minutes on Wednesday (1404 steps), and walked for 2-3 hours today (3476 steps). I’m happy with this, as well my higher consumption of fruits and vegetables and my more frequent grooming this week.
I think I might also have made some progress in terms of my neatness/organizational issues. I had purchased a 9-cube organizer for $50.00, but realized it was too large and had to be put on casters in order to be of any use. Today I finally found what I need – 2 wooden boards with swivel casters on the bottom for the 9-cube organizer to rest on. Hopefully this will help organize some of my craft supplies.
On a more negative note, I weighed myself lately and am 210 pounds. Also, I have spent way too much money lately and really need to chill out when it comes to the craft supplies!
I have to say this though: I think craft supplies should be very inexpensive so that people who make crafts can sell them if they so desire at reasonable prices. It seems like craft companies like Michaels just assume that crafters are all just a bunch of bored, rich housewives who have an unlimited allowance from their husbands, and so use their spare time to try to imitate Martha Stewart as best they can. They price everything as though money is no object to the shoppers, who make their own decorations despite having a cook, a maid, and a nanny. I bet they purposely make it so that crafters can’t shop at their stores and actually make a profit by selling what they create. Any potential craft-buyers who look at a craft they like from an independent artist will see the price and think to themselves, “I bet if I go to Michaels I can make that myself for a lot cheaper.”
Anyways, I’m starting to think that today’s writing isn’t making a lot of sense, and that it’s really not my best writing anyways, so I’ll call it a day. Hopefully I will have my short article on Avatar up and running soon, as well as some pictures of some crafts I made, with some instructions for any readers on how to make them.

Random Thought: Has anyone else noticed that the word SCRAP contains the word CRAP? This can't be a coincidence, since scraps are often pieces of crap ...

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