Monday, May 17, 2010

My Frustrating, Hormonal Day

Okay, some new things to report:

I finally ended up watching Avatar last night, and hope to write a short but to-the-point article to be published on this blog about why I think the Vatican really has a problem with the film. So my imaginary readers can have something to look forward to reading about other than my “progress.”

(The term “progress” is a word which here means “trying pathetically to convince oneself that one is taking steps forward despite multiple steps back.”)

On Thursday I had my acupuncture appointment which, despite the weird feeling when the needles were inserted, actually felt kind of nice. For about an hour or two after the appointment I felt pretty good, but then started to feel really awful in the evening, a feeling which continued up until this morning. I managed to get to bed at about 2:30 am – not the greatest, but a more appropriate hour than the previous day – and got up at about 9:30 am feeling slightly less painful and more energetic. The energy may be partly to do with the iron supplements I managed to take a couple times recently, and plan to take on a more regular basis.

After my appointment Mom took me to a thrift store – she’s totally obsessed with them – where I ended up seeing a rack that would make a great potion rack for my Alice In Wonderland themed crafts. It was only about $5.00, which means I brought one more piece of crap into this cluttered house of junk. To make matters worse, the next day Mom took me to Michaels and insisted we stop at another thrift store nearby where I bought 2 foam heads for $2.99 each. As usual when I buy something large and frightening to a foreign father with no hobbies, I leave the item in the car over night to try to sneak it in the house the next day. If Dad ends up noticing it, I just act like I’ve had the item for a long time. (Before you get all judgemental about my methods, I should strongly note that Mom taught me that trick and I have witnessed her use it on more than one occasion.) Unfortunately, Mom was in need of the space in the van and had Dad bring its contents into the house – I can’t imagine what Dad must have thought seeing that rack and pair of heads.

(By the way, Mom needed the space in the van because she was having another jewellery-sale at the library. Unfortunately, very few people came but the week before she was the only seller to make any money. Nobody bought from anyone else.)

Well, this morning was stressful. While sitting here on the couch, minding my own business and getting my ass kicked by my computer at Chess, Dad felt the need to remind me that the living room needs to be cleaned of my lingering craft supplies that seem to be scattered in all rooms of the house like darkening, thickening clouds appearing to cover the sky on an otherwise beautiful day. One might think, as Dad approached me sitting here at my usual spot on the couch in the living room which happens to face said pile of my crap that Dad would just assume he would not need to inform me that the room needs to be cleaned. However, one probably does not have a dad like mine.
Dad and I proceeded to argue about this loudly in the morning, and continued somewhat later when I actually spent about an hour organizing my craft supplies because he could not reach the fridge in the basement kitchen. Then to top it all off, when I was finished and came upstairs to put some scrap-paper in the bag in the closet to be recycled he complained about how full the closet was!

Maybe during a normal day I would be able to deal with all of this, but I’m having some trouble coping with the stress right now. I’m probably a little hormonal due to my impending period. I feel like there’s no hope, that something awful awaits me, and it is only a matter of time.


- sorted craft supplies for about 1 hour; eliminated a box of junk and found some craft supplies I am willing to part with, which I put in a box that is slowly being filled to be sent to a thrift store
- did dishes right after dinner
- cooked breakfast for myself and did the dishes I used
- managed not to have Coke, even though I was having tacos for dinner

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